I have been an antique dealer for over 25 years.  With a strong understanding of the current antique market, I attended the Certified Guild of America Appraisal School in St. Louis in July, 2013 and I am now a certified appraiser! With my training, I learned all of the technical aspects that go into appraising antiques and household items.

 If you would like to learn more about what your items are worth, I can help! 

  • One item or an entire household. 
  • Verbal or written appraisals for Fair Market Value or for insurance or estate purposes.
  • Recommendations for options available to you if you are looking to sell you items.
  • Auction, Estate Sale, Listing online, selling to a dealer…there are benefits to each one!

In addition to being an antique dealer, I also have a degree in Occupational Therapy. I am a people person and understand that often times the circumstances surrounding why someone is selling antiques is difficult: Downsizing to smaller home, death or illness in a family, divorce, etc. and I do my best to make selling items easier! I appreciate the fact that the business of selling antiques is people driven and quality service, honesty, fairness and excellent communication are cornerstone traits for success!

PS…I’m also a good listener!!

Please contact me for rates or to schedule an appointment.

Buying and Selling

Downsizing or Moving?
We can assist you and take the often-overwhelming burden off of your shoulders.
One item or an entire estate, our extensive background in buying and selling antiques can give you choices for your most beneficial outcome.

Contact us for assistance in finding a new home for your items!

The following items are selling well in the market right now…

  • Garden items and tools
  • Fishing and Hunting Accessories
  • Vintage jewelry, purses and vanity pieces
  • Advertising and paper items
  • Vintage Lamps and Clocks
  • Industrial and Architectural Fixtures
  • Vintage Barware
  • Some Period Furniture
  • Vintage Clothing and Linens
  • Mid Century Modern, Primitives, Industrial and Arts and Crafts Period Styles are selling well right now!