AZ East Troy adds new items to the shop every week!

Every since we opened our new shop in East Troy back in late March of this year, it has been our goal to keep the look fresh by adding new items every week! That’s a pretty hefty goal for 2 people! AZ East Troy is open Thursday-Saturday, so that means we have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to find, clean and restore, research and price all the new goodies we uncover. Below you will see some of the new items we have recently found!

Once the shop is looking good…it is then time to advertise! Social media is still a foreign word to me, but I am always trying to learn better ways to get the word out about our shop! For anyone trying to make it as a small business, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yelp are all avenues to spread the word…but of course, they all are a little bit different. However you hunt for that unique find…we hope you are finding us in your search! Come visit us any Thursday-Saturday 11-4 at 3066 Main Street, East Troy!


What’s Happening in AZ Repair Shop?

For those of you who have visited our new shop in East Troy…in addition to our front sales space (AZ East Troy), we also have a space down the hall that we have named AZ Repair Shop! This space is Steve’s new workshop…the place where the magic happens. Furniture repair and refresh, painting and staining, new projects and much more! Thought I would share Steve’s current project!

Let’s go way back to the beginning…we are often asked…where do you get your product? Well…in a variety of places…mostly from clients that call us with things to sell. We also go to Estate Sales, Tag Sales, Flea Markets, Auctions and even have been known to rescue items from the side of the road! For this particular project to now be known as Antique Cupboard…seen in Photo #1 below, we salvaged this cupboard from an old store front basement in Oconomowoc.

Antique Cupboard Before

Once the cupboard arrived at the workshop…now the fun begins. As you can see from the “Before” photo, the cupboard was in some need of TLC. We believe it was used as a gun cabinet and had old wallpaper inside that need to be removed, some repairs made and it needed a good cleaning!

Steve left most of the old finish intact, but sanded off any loose paint. The cupboard is now ready for a new paint color!

Loving the new color!!

With the new color applied, the next step is to lightly sand the piece which will reveal some of the old color underneath and give the piece some depth.

In the home stretch! The cream color underneath is such a nice compliment to the sage green color. Next Steve will apply the finishing touches to the piece and add shelves. You’ll have to stop in the shop to see the completed project…well, I might give you a sneak on our Facebook page so keep watch for an update! Way to go Steve!!