About Me

Hi! My name is Cheri Riehle. I am an antique dealer, antique collector, and antique lover. In short…

As an avid antique dealer and collector, I scour estate sales, flea markets, auctions and tag sales looking for unique items. Because I am a fan of the re-purpose movement, I oftentimes look for pieces and parts, as we all know they can often be used in some other way.

Cheri Riehle

I Love Old Stuff!

Just like rescue dogs (and cats, for that matter), I like to think that to re-purpose an old item is to rescue it, give it lots of love, a new home and a new life! And boy, have I got a lot of really cool, sweet, sentimental old things just waiting for their forever homes!
I specialize in unique and hard to find items with a flare for architectural, industrial and repurposed pieces. I find these pieces particularly interesting, but I enjoy old finds of all kinds. Look for some of my great finds on Etsy and Ebay, or visit one of the Antique malls that I partner with.  You may also want to contact me if you are looking for something special. I just might have it!

Selling Antiques?

As a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) , I can help you learn more about what your items are worth.  Once you are ready to sell, we can discuss some options available to you that will fetch the most dollars. Auction, estate sale, online listing, selling to a dealer…there are benefits to each one.

I Am a Really Good Listener!

In addition to being an antique dealer, I also have a degree in Occupational Therapy, which naturally has contributed to the people-person that I am today. I appreciate that oftentimes the reasons surrounding the need to part with antiques can be difficult; downsizing to a smaller home, death or illness in the family, or divorce, just to name a few.

Please know that I will do my very best to help make selling your items as painless as possible. And if you just need a sounding board, I am here.

My Promise to You!

The business of selling antiques is people driven. I value my customers and
strive to offer you quality service, honesty, fairness and excellent communication. These are the cornerstones of my business, and my promise to you. 

Feel free to contact me with questions or let me know what you are looking for!