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Elkhorn Flea Market:  Its been a rough year!

Thanks to all who visited our space at this past Elkhorn Flea Market Season!  Sorry we were not able to make all of the shows!  Elkhorn Flea Market continues to be one of the best shows in the Midwest and a place to find great stuff!  We have made lots of great friends and connections.

Below are some of the items we have sold over the years!  Keep watch on our Facebook Page for more information on what we are up to over the winter and going into the 2017 Season…we may have some surprises!


Be sure to check our Facebook Page for updates on some of the great items we are selling in our mall spaces!  As always…our motto Do what you love, because you love what you do!!

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Photos of our work!!


Repurposed Shutter Shelf


Custom made industrial hall table.  Top fabricated from old pine floor boards!


Assortment of repurposed ladder shelves and linen rack.  What's your favorite color??

Dates for 2017: May 21st, June 25th, August 13 and September 24. 

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